Tail lamps for trucks of well-known brands - Mercedes, Volvo, Scania and many others

Both front and rear truck lights are an essential part of any car's equipment. The reason? Well, they indirectly increase safety, since other road users can see what maneuvers the driver wants to perform. Signaling the intention to turn, brake or reverse. In some cases, a sufficiently strong reversing light can also increase visibility by illuminating the rear of the vehicle - just a nice-to-have. However, there are times when the lampshade gets damaged. In what situation? For example, when backing up a ramp or when maneuvering around a yard. It also sometimes happens that tail lamps - truck and otherwise - are damaged by stones chipping from under the wheels. What to do then? Replace the broken parts! At Optima you will find tail lamps for trucks from all the most well-known manufacturers - welcome!

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Rear Lamps

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Rear lights, a step toward safety

Is it possible to drive with a damaged rear lamp? Of course not. First of all, this would create a traffic hazard, and secondly, according to the law, it is forbidden. Ot, the driver can be stopped by the police, who have the right to keep the vehicle's registration certificate. The case is similar for diagnostic inspections.

Do you need a decent tail lamp? Mercedes Actros MP4, Volvo FH, Scania R, DAF XF - are you the owner of these cars? If so, we are ready to supply matching components for them especially for you, but... Are these all the models for which we have components? Sure not - our company takes care of owners of other brands as well, such as Renault Magnum or Premium, Ford F-MAX and more! Or maybe you are the lucky owners of a complete novelty - Scania New Generation or Volvo FH4? We also offer components for such innovations - for example, LED tail lamps for the Volvo FH! If you have not found what you are looking for - contact us, and we will 100% manage to meet your expectations!