Blower fan motor for replacement - for MAN TGX, Renault and others

We offer high quality air conditioning components. Taking care of the highest quality of service, we import them only from reputable importers. The available blower fan motor is a guarantee of a properly working air conditioner!

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Blower motor for MAN series vehicles

MAN specializes in the production of top-quality trucks, vans and buses. In the offer of Optima Cars you will find a blower fan motor for MAN, including for TGX and TGS, which is distinguished by the highest parameters, ensuring its reliable operation for many years. Thanks to the fact that this equipment works perfectly with the entire electrical system, replacement of the blower fan for TGX, TGL, TGM, TG and vehicles of other series is smooth and trouble-free. 

Blower motor for Renault trucks

Renault is a French brand with an undisputed reputation for producing reliable long-distance vehicles. As a company, we proudly import the best spare parts for the brand's trucks - including the blower motor. Installed in Renault cars, it regulates the proper circulation of air pumped into the cabin. The equipment makes it subject to proper circulation. From our wide range of auto parts you will match the blower motor to a Renault car of a specific series and generation.

Blower motor for DAF trucks

DAF is a well-established Dutch company that has been using the latest technology to produce extremely durable trucks. At Optima Cars, the brand's blower motor dedicated to DAF vehicles is characterized by a robust housing, providing it with extraordinary durability. This compact equipment allows excellent control of the blower force. Once installed, the DAF blower motor guarantees drivers a high level of thermal comfort, especially noticeable during summer and winter driving on long-distance routes.

Blower from Eberspacher

Eberspacher is an international manufacturer of automotive parts and an established supplier of exhaust technology and air conditioning systems. The heater blower from Eberspacher - available at Optima Cars - is a top-of-the-line product. Installed in the car, it provides excellent cooling in summer. In winter, in turn, it quickly heats up the interior of the vehicle and vaporizes frozen windows. The blower motor from Eberspacher - as well as other products - we offer in compatible models. Their best quality goes hand in hand - welcome to Optima Cars!