Fender components

Truck fenders are components that play an essential role in protecting the vehicle from mud, water and debris that may be thrown up by the wheels while driving. At the same time, effective fenders improve visibility and the safety of people driving other vehicles on the road.

The Optima Cars online store offers a wide selection of fender components, from Scania S fender trim, to mounts and caps, to fender aprons dedicated to leading truck brands.

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Mounting elements

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Scania S mudguard functionality

The functionality of the Scania S fender slat is based on the shape and profile perfectly matched to the fender. Effectively directs down water and mud to keep debris away from the cab and vehicle windows. Thanks to this, the driver has better visibility even when driving in difficult weather conditions.

Keeping the fenders in an impeccable condition, including thanks to the fender strips, allows you to maintain their full effectiveness in terms of vehicle protection.

Scania S fender trim - fender aesthetics

In addition, the Scania S fender trim is important to the car's aesthetics. Scania, also known for its refined car design, makes sure that the fender strips are visually attractive, durable and perfectly match the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Made of high-quality materials, the Scania S fender slat is highly resistant to damage and corrosion, giving the fender a long life and attractive appearance.

It is worth emphasizing the care for the fender with a new strip, and thus the individual character and prestige of the Scania car.