Filter housing - clean, filtered air means proper engine operation

The housings presented in this category are filter components used to clean the air supplied to the truck engine. This usually contains various types of contaminants, such as dust, dirt, sand and other particles, which can potentially lead to a serious breakdown of the vehicle. Filters of this type are placed in the intake system of the car, allowing only clean, filtered air to pass through, which ensures proper operation of the engine and increases its efficiency.

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Air filter housing

Aktywne filtry

Are you looking for a suitable MAN TGX, TGS, TGA air filter housing or maybe a Scania R, S air filter housing or other models? At Optima Cars you will find the right spare parts - perfectly correlated with the requirements of your vehicle.

MAN filter housing - we will provide you with the best one

Extend the life of your truck engine with a filter in the right housing. In our assortment you will find a new air filter housing, e.g. MAN F2000, F90 as well as covers and connectors. The products presented in this category will help to effectively protect the engine against the penetration of impurities together with air into its interior.

The offer of our online store includes only spare parts that are distinguished by durability and solid workmanship. Our MAN filter housings owe their efficiency to the use of materials that are highly resistant to destruction in the production process. Their quality has been positively evaluated by many users.

Scania R and S air filter housing - advanced filtering technology

Scania S and Scania R are flagship trucks manufactured by the Swedish company Scania AB, known for high quality, reliability and advanced technologies for the transport industry.

The Scania S and Scania R air filter housing has been carefully designed and manufactured with high-quality components to ensure optimal filtration efficiency and minimum air resistance. Adequate airflow is critical to achieving maximum engine power and efficiency, especially for trucks that have to work in a variety of road and climate conditions.

The Scania S and Scania R air filter housing is manufactured to deliver the cleanest, perfectly filtered air to the engine, which is crucial for its reliability and performance. < /span>

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