Truck mirrors - MAN, Mercedes, Scania and more

An efficient truck is not just about a well-maintained engine, transmission or unworn brake pads. What else comes into play? Relatively unimportant parts, of course, as exemplified by mirrors - whether you're talking about a Man TGX/TGA/TGL/TGS, a Mercedes Actros MP2/3/4, or a Volv FH4 or Scania S. Why are these kinds of parts of great importance? Well, they indirectly ensure safety. After all, sitting in the cab of a truck you are no stranger to the problem of so-called blind spots. What is this? In a nutshell, these are zones where visibility is severely limited. The ideal example turns out to be the hood, which is why the characteristic front and ramp mirrors are installed. Man TGA, TGX or Volvo FH is in your fleet and you want to find the right equipment for them? If so - check out our offer! We have mirrors for trucks of all types - from the vintage Man F90 to modern mirror inserts for the Man TGX/TGS!

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-Daf Lf45 (2006 - 2013).

-Lf55 (2006 - 2013).

-Reanult Kerax (2006 - 2013).

-Midlum (2006 - 2013).

-Premium (2006 - 2013).

-Volvo FE (2006 - 2013).

-FL (2006 - 2013).

Mirrors for trucks of all types

Is it even possible to talk about types of mirrors? After all, mirrors are... Just mirrors! However, as it turns out - in the case of truck motorization - it is not necessarily so simple and obvious. What, then, do we distinguish? Among others, classic truck mirrors, wide-angle, front, as well as ramp mirrors.

Left and right mirrors on the example of the Man TGX

Why mention the left and right mirrors separately? First of all, because older models did not always have wide-angle mirrors on the left side. The reason? Well, on the driver's side visibility was much better, while on the right - not necessarily. Nowadays, however, designers design cars in such a way that the driver has a view of almost every part of the car. A prime example is the new DAF XG or the left and right mirrors on the Mercedes Actros. What sets them apart? Typical "spirit" of modernity, as the place of glass panes is taken by modern cameras!

Volvo FH5 mirror - a new dimension in driving comfort

The Volvo FH5 is the flagship model in the Volvo truck family and has brought cutting-edge technology and ergonomics to the road transport market. One of the eye-catching features on this impressive vehicle is the Volvo FH5 mirror. As well as being a striking piece of equipment, the Volvo FH5 mirror is a key element in providing the driver with driving comfort and control. The mirror for the Volvo FH5 has a sufficiently large surface area, resulting in a wide field of vision. This is important for safety, especially when manoeuvring, changing lanes or overtaking other cars.

If you are in need of a mirror for your Volvo FH5, be sure to find out what kind of attractive offer Optima Cars has to offer!

Scania 7 mirror - innovation for increased road safety

The mirror in the Scania 7 is an example of an innovative approach to truck design. It combines style and functionality for enhanced safety. As an established brand, Scania is constantly striving in the field of road transport to provide drivers with the best solutions. The Scania 7 mirror is one such upgrade that gives the vehicle a unique look through the use of high-quality materials.

The mirror in Scania 7 is not just a piece of equipment, but also a tool that enhances road safety. Through advanced technology and careful design, Scania offers drivers not only a comfortable cab, but also the confidence to monitor their surroundings to react to situations on the road quickly and safely. The innovative approach to design, evident in the mirror for Scania 7, is in line with the philosophy of this renowned brand.

Are you looking for new mirrors because the existing ones have been damaged? Or maybe visual tuning is involved? If you answered yes to any of the questions - check our offer, and you will find mirrors for any model of car, both new and with many years of service behind it!