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MAN vehicles are high-end vehicles famous for their outstanding ergonomics of use. Many of them belong to heavy-duty equipment, which is why they are used in international transport and construction. An example of this are MAN TGA trucks. Their permissible total weight is 18-50 tons. Initially, this vehicle was used for international transport, but already in the third quarter since the start of production, models began to appear for shorter distances. In 2001, the MAN TGA won the title of international truck of the year, which distinguished it from other vehicles of similar use. Regardless of the robustness of the vehicle's design, it will not be efficient if regular service is lacking. At Optima Cars you will find a wide range of MAN TGA truck parts at attractive prices.

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TGA 2000-2008

Aktywne filtry


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Part no: 81326200106 / COR-MAN-00106 / 10-02-MA-440-WSM / 10-02-MA-382-RLG / 81326200091 / SD-D016D

-With Comfort-Shift button

-6 pins

MAN TGA - bet on parts from reliable manufacturers

Man TGA vehicles are available in various body types. You can meet a dump truck, concrete mixer, tanker and even a fire truck. The manufacturer has also offered a WLF option with an interchangeable body system. Need parts for your MAN TGA? Optima Cars is here to help! We provide professional service and a wide range of truck components.

In this category you will find, among other things, fuel pump, lamp shade, muffler cover and tanks for various purposes. All MAN TGA parts available from us are new and come from reliable, trusted suppliers. Not sure if a particular part will fit your vehicle? Feel free to contact us! Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions.