Bumper spoiler for Volvo FH4, Iveco Stralis and other trucks

Bumper spoilers for Volvo FH4, Iveco Stralis, Mercedes Axor and vehicles of other brands are available at Optima Cars. We order these components only from reputable importers, because we know that only high-quality hardware is consistent with both the chassis and the mechanical parameters of the vehicle.

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-Right Spoiler

-Left Spoiler

-Middle Spoiler

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-Left spoiler with grille

-Central spoiler with grille

-Right spoiler with grille

Bumper spoiler for Volvo FH vehicles

Volvo FH is a reliable vehicle adapted for long-distance transport, which is distinguished by excellent fuel economy. We offer spare parts, dedicated to specific generations of vehicles of this brand. A bumper spoiler is available from Optima Cars for the Volvo FH4 and FH5, among others. This component fitted to the trucks provides them with excellent aerodynamic properties that increase their smoothness on the road. The bumper spoiler for Volvo FH4 or FH5 cars - like the other parts - is offered at an attractive price for the customer.

Spoiler for Iveco Stralis cars

The Iveco Stralis, as a reliable leader in the production of trucks equipped with the latest technology, has won the praise of drivers for years. The brand's vehicle - powered by LNG - is a winner of the European Sustainable Mobility Award. We offer spare parts suitable for Iveco Stralis, such as the spoiler. Fitted to the vehicle, it effectively improves driving economy. The streamlined shape of the spoiler for Iveco Stralis means that the truck uses less energy when driving. You can easily match this reliable part to your car model from the extensive Optima Cars range.

MAN TG3 and TGX 2021 bumper corner

MAN, as a renowned truck manufacturer, always pays great attention to the design of body components, of which the MAN TG3 and TGX 2021 bumper corner is a perfect example. Both the MAN TG3 and TGX 2021 bumper corner are manufactured from strictly selected, robust materials, distinguished by their high resistance to mechanical damage. All this is intended to optimally protect the driver and vehicle in the event of possible collisions.

The MAN designers obviously took care of the unique aesthetics of the MAN TG3 and TGX 2021 bumper corner, giving it a modern and stylish look. As a result, the truck drives safely and at the same time looks particularly attractive on the road.

Scania R and S bumper corner

The bumper corner on Scania R and S is not only a very important protective part, but also an important design element that gives Scania vehicles a unique look. The Scania R and S bumper corner is functional and at the same time modern and aesthetically pleasing. It is a prime example of the care and attention to detail that distinguishes Scania in the truck market. The bumper corner design for Scania R and S is robust and durable. It provides protection to the front of the vehicle in the event of a collision, which is essential for the safety of the driver and other road users.

Scania - rightly known for the high quality of its products - makes sure that the bumper corner for Scania R and S meets the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Spoiler for Mercedes Axor truck

The spoiler for the Mercedes Axor improves its grip and stability when driving at high speeds. In our range, this reliable part is distinguished by its superior resistance to the negative effects of the weather, which ensures an extremely long service life. Dystrybuowana część jest estetyczna, dzięki czemu pasuje do charakteru wyróżniającego pojazd danej serii. Zarówno w Mercedesie Axor, jak i Volvo i Iveco Stralis dedykowany spoiler zapewnia im doskonały kształt geometryczny i aerodynamikę. W doborze tego produktu służymy naszą fachową radą. Zapraszamy do Optima Cars!