Lighting - headlights, shades and lamps for trucks

Lighting in the form of LED truck lamps is an essential element, without which there is no way to travel on an "eighteen-wheeler". Not surprisingly, the lack of a proper truck headlight negatively affects the visibility of the road, as well as the noticeability of our vehicle by the rest of the traffic participants. In addition, in some countries, including Poland, lights must be kept on all day, and failure to comply with this rule risks a fine. Has your TIR's exterior lighting been damaged? There is no need - according to the proverb - to tear your hair from your head. Contact us and we will find headlights for Mercedes Actros, MAN TGL, TGX, TGA or TGS, Scania R and many other recognized manufacturers!

Products list:

Front Lamps

Aktywne filtry

Original lamps for TIR from Optima

The lamps we offer come in several variants - there are both modern, automated models just in time for new cars, and manual headlights for an older generation truck like a Renault Magnum. Ot, at Optima you will find components for any TIR regardless of vintage. In addition to the lights themselves, we also care about the aesthetics themselves, so we have prepared a whole range of headlight frames for DAF XF 106, Scania, glasses for MAN TGX.

We offer, for example, headlights and lamp shades for all MAN series - TGS, TGA, TGX, F/L2000, F/G/M90. As you can see, we will thus ensure that even models that are somewhat old in terms of age can function without any problem. Or perhaps you prefer Scandinavian cars? In that case, headlight housings for Scania S, R, G or P will come in handy! Also, do not forget about the brand originating from Gothenburg - Volvo.

Halogen for MAN TGS and TGX 2021

Halogen for MAN TGS and TGX 2021 is not only an essential element of headlights, but also modern technology that affects the safety and comfort of driving. Bright illumination of the road in changing weather conditions and on various types of roads can not be overestimated. Thanks to the halogen for the MAN TGS and TGX 2021, the driver can concentrate better on driving the truck and react to changing traffic situations.

A renowned manufacturer such as MAN is well aware of the combination of these factors. Therefore, taking care of the needs of drivers and road safety, he designed halogen lamps for the MAN TGS and TGX 202 with great care. At the same time, these are design elements that make MAN trucks recognisable on the road.

Are you not sure which headlights will be suitable for your car? Or maybe you have not found the right lamps in our offer? In any case, we encourage you to contact us! We will present our proposals for headlights for Mercedes Actros (MP1, MP2 and more), Atego, headlight for Scania 7, as well as many other cars!