Durable and reliable wheel arches for trucks

Truck wheel arches are made of durable plastics. They provide superior protection against impacts and mechanical damage. In addition, they serve a protective function for the engine and chassis in the wheel area. This makes them a kind of shield between the road or highway and the vehicle's sensitive components. In our offer you will find such items as a fender or wheel arch for Mercedes Actros MP4 and MP5, as well as other trucks.

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Wheel arches

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Truck wheel arch part of safe driving

It is worth remembering that regular inspection and possible replacement of the wheel arch are important steps to ensure the safety and reliability of the truck, especially during long journeys. Also importantly, the wheel arch for Mercedes Actros MP4, MP5, Scania and MAN, among others, improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Regular inspection of this element will ensure a comfortable ride. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the individual products available in this category.