Headlight cover and grid - Volvo FH4, Mercedes Actros and other vehicles

Any driver who is involved in the transportation of oversized cargo, aggregates, as well as construction materials is well aware of the need to cover vulnerable components. An example? We are talking about low bumpers in low deck cars, fuel tanks or also headlights. What do you need it for? Well, just imagine transporting a load to a mine, for example. Stones chipping under the wheels are standard, and when they hit the headlight with great force, the probability of its destruction is practically one hundred percent. How to prevent a disaster? For this purpose, a headlight cover will come in handy. Mercedes Actros, Volvo FH4 or Scania are just a few models for which you can find parts at Optima Cars!

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Take care of your Mercedes, Volvo headlights and more - buy a shield or a grid!

Surely every person who is with the transport industry - according to the proverb - "in league with", is familiar with Mercedes tractors. The most popular model is, nothing more, nothing less, of course, the Actros produced since 1996. To this day, a total of as many as five generations have been developed, with the latest one, the MP5, implementing a worldwide innovation. What is it? Cameras instead of mirrors. In addition to this, the Actros is also distinguished by its interesting design, a variety of engines ranging from V6 to V8, and the option to adapt the front bumper to the so-called design version. But how to fully customize the vehicle for the toughest conditions? All you need is a headlight grid for the Mercedes Actros MP3, MP2 and other generations. They are made of metal or plastic, so anyone can fit these parts perfectly to the conditions. Are you interested in this kind of covers, but it is not necessarily about Actros MP3? No problem - in our offer you will find various variants that fit Volvo, other Mercedes models, as well as nets for MAN TGX!

The headlight cover for Volvo or Mercedes Actros in our store is available at competitive prices compared to the rest of the products on the market. The highest quality of products has been achieved by using durable materials with attention to the smallest details. Do not hesitate - get acquainted with our offer of headlights and grids for Mercedes Actros MP3, Volvo FH4 or Scania!