Truck hubcaps - effectively protect tires from damage

Truck hubcaps are primarily used to protect tires from damage. They are designed to extend their service life. They can also prevent various types of foreign objects, such as stones or other small objects, from entering the tire. In addition, chrome hubcaps for the truck sensationally accentuate the appearance of the truck and give it a more professional look.

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Aktywne filtry

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-17.5 "wheel hubcap 6 holes - STAINLESS STEEL

-fastening - open for a 19mm screw / 6 holes fi. 45mm / hole on the hub 130mm

-diagonal bolt spacing 245mm (from the center of the bolt to the center)


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Chrome hubcaps - increase the visual appeal of the truck

In the Optima Cars online store we present a careful selection of chrome hubcaps for trucks. They are dedicated to the tyre cover of the best brands, such as the MAN TGL truck hubcap.

A well-chosen truck hubcap made of high quality materials will undoubtedly increase the visual appeal of the car. Replacing this element with a new one will be particularly positive in the case of used cars, in which often tired steel rims bear numerous traces of use, and often also traces of corrosion. The products we offer come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the truck model, to suit the customer's preferences. All our truck hubcaps are strong and robust enough to ensure you drive safely on the road.

Do you need MAN TGL hubcaps or maybe copies for another vehicle model? We will help you choose the right hubcap for your truck at a bargain price that perfectly matches the design of your truck. Contact Optima Cars specialists today!