Door handle - Renault Premium, MAN TGA and for other models

What is a handle everyone knows - ot, thanks to it you can without any problem get into the interior of the vehicle, and more specifically open the door to the cabin or storage compartment. However, it is worth noting that a large number of truck models have this element made of... plastic. What is the result? The door handles can break once or twice, for example, by cracking. What to do then? Contact us, and we will select the right one for Premiumka, TGX or many other models of steel "monsters"!

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Door Handles

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Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg, or German Lion

MAN is one of the most popular companies specializing in truck manufacturing. The reason? High quality, powerful engines, convenience, but also variety in terms of models to choose from. What does MAN offer? Long-haul cars like the TGX and TGA, as well as relatively small TGL and L2000 trucks just right for short, regional routes.

"The Smile of Paris," or the timeless Renault Premium

Renault Trucks is the only French truck manufacturer. What sets this company apart? First of all, a mass of innovative solutions, the fruit of which is, among other things, the new Renault T Evolution. However, do we only find on the roads cars that are only a year or two old? Of course not! A perfect example is the Premium model, produced by Renault Trucks from 1996 to 2014 and praised to this day for its robust yet simple design.

A MAN TGL door handle? How about a Renault Premium?"

Taking into account the years of production, it's not surprising that some units are already a bit worn out, and as a result, it proves necessary to repair or replace parts. A perfect example would be the door handle for Renault Premium - DXi and DCi. However, it happens that the handle breaks or the key breaks and ... what to do then? With help come replacements! If you need a handle for Premium, Renault T range or handles for MAN TGA, TGX or L2000 - take a look at our offer, and you will find what you need!

Each door handle for MAN TGL, L2000, TGA, individual Renault, DAF or Scania models is different from each other, which can cause problems. What kind of problems? Of course, we are talking about the fit. Are you having trouble choosing the right component? Or would you like more information about what equipment you can find with us? In any of the above cases - feel free to contact us!