Fenders for trucks - in our offer

In our range, we offer mudguards dedicated to trucks of various brands, such as the Scania 2017 rear mudguard. We source these parts exclusively from their verified suppliers and importers. Truck mudguards are made of durable plastic, which exhibits excellent mechanical properties.

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Our range of truck fenders

In the offer of Optima Cars, plastic fenders for trucks are distinguished by the highest resistance to both extremely low and extremely high temperatures. With our help, you can easily select a component that matches the model and series of your vehicle. Fitted plastic fenders for trucks are compatible with the body, so they effectively shield the wheel and body from various types of dirt. We offer these products at favorable prices for customers.

Fender for Mercedes Actros 

Mercedes Actros MP4 and MP5 should be equipped with a fender that is adapted to the nature of both vehicles. In Optima Cars' offer, this part is compatible, so it perfectly matches the rest of the body components. This carefully crafted component is distinguished by its extraordinary strength, which translates into incredible resistance to shock and bending. Need to complete a fender for Mercedes Actros MP4 and MP5? We have all the parts for it! You can also find the fender cap, trim or cab fender trim for Mercedes Actros MP4 and MP5 in our assortment.

Rear wing bracket for Scania 2017 and other models

Dedicated to Scania vehicles, the wing bracket perfectly stiffens the wing structure, which helps to offset the loads acting on it. On all makes of vehicle, the mudguard is subject to intrinsic wear and tear over time and can also be damaged by the vibration caused by long journeys over uneven ground. The wing bracket for Scania vehicles is a way to extend the life of the wing. We offer this product in a number of variants, specifically tailored to different models - for example, for the Scania 2017 rear wing - equipping a car in the series.