MAN and VOLVO cab corners and fairings - bet on a proven supplier!

As an experienced supplier of spare parts for trucks in the assortment of Optima Cars store, we make available excellent corners and fairings, which come only from reputable manufacturers.

Among them, we present the VOLVO FH4 cab corner from the famous Swedish brand, identified with high quality and improving vehicle safety. This category also includes MAN TGM TGL cab corners - valued worldwide for their durability and strength.

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MAN and VOLVO cab corner - better security, more safety

Choose a VOLVO FH4 or MAN TGM TGL cab corner at Optima Cars! Protect your cab from mechanical damage during transportation. Our products are made of high-strength materials, so they will be especially effective in protecting sensitive areas such as windshield corners, door corners or bumpers. Fitting MAN TGM TGL or VOLVO FH4 cab corners can also increase driver safety by providing additional protection in the event of an accident.

VOLVO and MAN fairings - effective weather protection

The VOLVO FH4 cab fairing is a type of cover that covers the front part of the vehicle, in this case a Volvo car. It is used to protect against wind, rain and other weather conditions while driving. VOLVO FH4 fairings are either permanently mounted or can be removed, depending on the vehicle model.

The VOLVO FH 4 fairing from the Optima Cars store is a piece of equipment that will effectively protect the driver and passengers from the weather while driving. The VOLVO FH 4 fairing can also provide additional ventilation in the cabin of the car.

The tinted MAN TGM TGL cab fairing will efficiently shield the driver's eyes from the sun's rays. The streamlined design makes it possible to open the window while driving without fear of getting windblown, excessive noise, or objects picked up from the ground.