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MAN is a German company that manufactures high-end trucks and, more recently, commercial vehicles. A distinctive feature is the logo, which sometimes features a silver lion in addition to three large letters. What is the brand famous for? First of all, for a kind of simplicity, as well as ergonomics, thanks to which the driver can feel comfortable both while driving and relaxing. It is also worth mentioning that MAN trucks are often encountered in the transport of oversized cargo. The reason? Powerful engines, heavy-duty transmissions, and a multitude of drive configurations to choose from like 8x4, 6x4 or even the 10x10 used in the military. However, to make sure the car doesn't suddenly break down, it's worth doing regular maintenance or replacing certain components - if necessary, of course. You can buy spare parts for MAN trucks right here!

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Aktywne filtry


Price 34.65 €
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Part no: 81326200106 / COR-MAN-00106 / 10-02-MA-440-WSM / 10-02-MA-382-RLG / 81326200091 / SD-D016D

-With Comfort-Shift button

-6 pins

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Part no: 81459500004 / 07-02-03-0013 / 1050904005 / 20279 / 9704010025 / 037.081-00 / 03708100 / 317432115/6 / 31900003800

-17.5 "wheel hubcap 6 holes - STAINLESS STEEL

-fastening - open for a 19mm screw / 6 holes fi. 45mm / hole on the hub 130mm

-diagonal bolt spacing 245mm (from the center of the bolt to the center)

MAN - truck spare parts for special tasks

MAN is a company that has had a huge impact on trucking, something that remains unchanged to this day. A perfect example is the 2020 MAN TGX, for example, with an electronic display instead of clocks, and from 2022 also without mirrors replaced by cameras.

However, did it happen that a component broke? Did a door handle break? Or perhaps the bumper of your car was completely shattered as a result of a bump? If so, check out our range of MAN truck parts! You will find brackets, headlights, pumps, as well as various types of tanks. Is that all there is to it? Of course not! We also have something to help you beautify your MAN! Spare parts in incredible design - for example, painted or chrome plated. Wondering if a particular part will fit your model? Contact us and we will help you!