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The fact that every car - be it a passenger car or a truck - will break down once in a while is no news. Ba, even such a reputable model as a Mercedes Actros is not indestructible after all! And it's the control unit of the mirrors that gets damaged, or the headlight when driving up a ramp, and at other times the mirror housing can also get damaged. What to do when something like this happens? Of course, contact us, because we sell parts for Mercedes Actros, Antos, SK trucks and many other models of this German manufacturer!

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Repair and tuning - take care of your Mercedes

Mercedes truck parts can be divided. On the one hand, important parts like mirrors or headlights are available on the market, and on the other hand, tuning accessories. Would you like to have a beautiful Mercedes Actros? Truck parts that will prove indispensable in such a case include chrome wheel covers, additional LED lighting or chrome mirror trim. Also interesting for tuning are splash pads mounted on the front bumpers of vehicles. However, in case you need more important Mercedes truck parts that are essential to the functioning of the vehicle, what to advise? We hasten to answer!

Spare parts for Actros, Arocs, Atego and more!

There are times when one of the vital components in your Mercedes breaks down. Heavy-duty replacement parts, however, are not such a simple matter when it comes to their availability. Fenders, lamps, bumper components, shift levers or door locks - that's what you'll get at Optima Cars! Whether you need something to beautify your car, make it more comfortable, or recondition it - with us you will get what you need. It is at Optima Cars that you will find all the parts for Mercedes, because truck motorization is our specialty.!