Door stops

Are car doors components worth paying any attention to at all? Sure, yes, because their damage can result in many problems. What are they? Among other things, a security problem, since a potential burglar will have an open way into the cabin of the car, but also sometimes the door can open while driving. That's not all, however, as it turns out to be important to thwart the opening of the door... too wide. What will help with this? Any door stop we offer - for Scania R 17, Volvo FH5 and many other truck models!

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Door stops

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Door limiter - what is it needed for?

In addition to the safety aspect, a door stopper such as for Scania R 17, Volvo FH5 also has a positive effect on the technical condition of the vehicle. By limiting the maximum opening of the door, the exposure of the hinges and other door elements to excessive loads, which could lead to their faster wear or damage, is reduced.

Keep safe with the door stopper for Scania R 17 and Volvo FH5!

In our store you will find a number of different elements dedicated to trucks, including limiters. Volvo FH5, Scania R - these are only examples, because you can find this component for practically every car - e.g. Mercedes, MAN, DAF and many other models.

All truck parts offered in our online store, including the door stopper for Scania R 17 and Volvo FH5, are of the best quality, made of high-quality materials. Thanks to this, customers can be sure that when making purchases in the Optima Cars store, they always purchase a durable and durable product to be used for a long time.

Are you interested? If so, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our rich offer!